Blood Chemistry Packages

Chem - Essential
Blood chemistry test can be done to learn information about your general health. We offer Blood Chemistry Packages to check how certain organs are working such as kidney and liver. Else to determine diabetes, hypertension, and inflammatory arthritis or gout. Visit your Doctor for "Essentials" on your health. #EssentialsBloodChem #Laboratory #YourHealthOurService

Alaga Kay Nanay Package

Alaga Package
"I've found the entire process of being pregnant to be such a miraculous, beautiful time." - Mary Helen Bowers Ang pagbubuntis ay isa sa mga biyaya na kailangan ipag-pasalamat, paghandaan at ingatan. Ang "Alaga kay Nanay" packages ay regalo na maibibigay natin sa mga Nanay. Magtungo at alamin sa inyong OB Gynecologist ang abo't kaya na presyo ng "Alaga"! #AlagakayNanayPackage #HealthyNanay #YourHealthOurService